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Lee Overclocked Reviews; Medieval 2 Total War

This game throws the player into a world not much different from the world we live in today. A world of religious persecution. A world where a single leader can lead a nation to their doom with a single word, diplomats can cause war on a misstep, and delusions of grandeur can become genocide or worse. A world of Total War. 

But with more swords than Empire.

Plus points for that.

I bought the Total War Battle Pack a long time ago, years ago in fact. At the time I had a laptop so weak I could not run any of the games on really any settings without extreme graphical issues that normally approached the realm of unplayability. So, now I am a PC gamer and have returned to conquer this beast. But hold up, I’ve played Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2, how is a game like Medieval 2 Total War going to hold up to those titles? 

By offering something they do not.

There is an atmosphere, a variety, and an overall worldliness to this game not expressed in the newer Total War titles that still make it a more-than-worthy game to have in your collection. The graphics could still be seen as at the very least good at their highest, the controls and gameplay scheme is very well made, and most importantly, it is something you can return to. This is a game I dropped for literally years, came back to, and became a Medieval 2 Total War addict all over again for the next few hours, calling Crusades and Jihads across the middle-east, bringing European powers to their knees, bringing forth Warpaths in the Americas, and establishing the glory of nations.

The musical score for this game is brilliant, truly tying together the feelings of running a medieval civilization and the fact that you are in “Total War” with everyone around you. You can choose to make nice or decimate your enemies, but you will have to fight. And that is where the second part of the game besides the campaign comes in, the Total War famous battles.

I really enjoy watching these battles play out almost as much as I enjoy coordinating them. The animations are well done, decently accurate, and make use of their graphics. 

All in all, I still enjoy the game. As I said before, it takes a good game to be picked up years later with all the new technology being made currently and still enjoyed to such an extent. 

The only real gripe I have about this game is the AI.

Oh the AI.

The battle AI seems to think “Hey maybe if I clump my forces together and charge again and again I’ll obtain victory!”

The campaign AI seems to not understand the concept of “I have more men than you. Attacking me is a bad idea. Don’t do it.”

And so it does.

Good for me, yes, but it does normally end in me upping the difficulty just so I can feel like the Knights Templar aren’t complete imbeciles with no notion of strategy. 

Also the Mongols are dicks.

ANYWHO, if I were to give this game a number score, it would be a solid 9. Worth playing even among the new Total War titles, and other titles of the recent years. Give it a good solid look if ya have a few bucks.

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